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Birth Doula

My job as a birth doula is to help the woman and her family prepare emotionally, mentally and physically, and plan for the birth either at home or in a hospital. It is a transformative time, and it is my hope to provide comfort, knowledge and support to the laboring woman.

During birth, I am with the woman the entire time as a support, guide and sister. More than anything else, I am there to support her choices and decisions no matter what, and to help carry through the plan we envisioned before birth.


Each birth is unique and I am there for the woman and family to offer resources, understanding, experience and solidity even in unexpected circumstances. I offer an objective perspective for both the woman and the family and am also there to support the partner.

After birth, I remain with the woman and family for assistance, celebrating this life-changing moment and helping with cleaning and settling in.

I offer post partum services, which can be found here.


My birth doula session base rate is $2000 with a $1000 deposit, with the remaining $1000 due after birth.


Payment plans available.

I strongly believe doula services should be available to everybody, and so I work using a sliding scale based on each family's financial situation.

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