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Placenta Medicine

Placenta encapsulation is a traditional practice where the placenta is dehydrated, ground and put into capsules.

There is a great body of anecdotal evidence suggesting that taking placenta capsules daily after labor helps support general well-being and mood. It helps the birthing person to feel more like themselves and not as run down and drained.

Before your birth, we can talk in depth about what this process is and any questions you have. Dosage varies person to person and depends on their changing energy level and unique emotional and physical make-up. I provide an instructional sheet for each mother for her reference after the birth describing the suggested dosage and I am available at any point in time to answer questions. 

I also offer tinctures, which can be used in tandem with the capsules to enhance health benefits.


$300 for capsules

additional $45 for tincture

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