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Post-Partum Doula

I offer post partum support in the  home to help with questions, care, lactation and overall emotional, mental and physical support.


A lot of questions and concerns can come up for families after the birth and it can be of great comfort and relief to talk to someone.  I strive to put families minds at ease and help them connect with their own intuition and instinct.  They are the authorities on their child.

There are a thousand books out about how to raise a child, which means there are a thousand different ways to raise a child. Each baby is unique and different, and has their distinct personality. Parents can be bombarded by advice and well-meaning concern, and can worry deeply and privately that what they're doing is right, although that is very common and normal. I provide support for the famiy to explore their questions, concerns and impulses.

Ultimately, it is my strong belief that the parents know best, as they know their baby the best. It's my job to help them access that confidence and comfort, while providing resources from my knowledge, intuition and experience along the way.


I can also help to simply hold and quiet the baby while parents take a shower, which can be surprisingly difficult to manage without extra help! It is awe-inspiring and humbling to be of support during this beautiful and challenging time.

It is special to help the family through pregnancy, birth and post partum care because a bond and trust grows that is very rewarding.


My post partum session rate is $40/hr.

I strongly believe doula services should be available to everybody, and so I work using a sliding scale based on each family's financial situation.

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