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"We are so blessed that we found you Erika. Even though our labor & delivery was absolutely not we were hoping for or expecting, you were such a rock for us when we really needed it. I couldn't imagine us going through what we went through with just the two of us. Thank you for being strong for us."

-Jamie, Eddie and Oliver

"Everything about Erika is wonderful! I just needed to start off by saying that! Erika was so instrumental in helping my husband and I throughout our pregnancy and the eventual delivery of our little girl Olivia. I would not have been able to do it without her, no joke. She is kind, caring, and just an all around great person to have on your side during one of the most hard/beautiful times of your life. Erika was a helpful guide throughout my pregnancy and I felt educated about what was going to happen when Olivia was ready to come into the world. When that day finally came Erika was there for us the entire time. I labored at home for as long as I could and once the time came to go to the hospital Erika was right there with us. Once we got there things moved quickly as she helped me to stay focused and channel my energy. There was a point when I wanted to push and was not yet allowed to and Erika helped me to breathe. If Erika was not there I don’t know what would have happened!! Thank God she was because I do not feel like I could have had the birth experience my husband and I were looking for. Baby Olivia was born with no meds and thankfully came into this world the “old natural way” :-) I am proud of that and thankfully Erika helped to make that happen. I can go on and on so Ill stop here! Thank you so much Erika, you are the best doula <3"


"Thank you for helping us through the delivery of our baby boy, Reed. Your calm patient presence and coaching were so helpful. Pretty essential during my transitional labor."

-Kristina, Matt and Baby Reed

"Thank you so much for all your help and support through Greta's birth. We cannot thank you enough - my parents were able to have peace of mind knowing you were with us which means the world to them and us. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and a better doula! We owe you the world!"

-Kim & Baby Greta

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